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Flourishing green spaces

Relentless relevance for turf ecology expertise

Concrete is taking over our cities. Urban heat islands are making life unpleasant in summer. What an opportune time to refine the message and marketing framework for a successful Australian agronomy business, growing faster than the turf they look after.

Living Turf were looking for strategic communications advice to clearly position their business as thought leaders among turf management professionals. We took a collaborative approach to work with Living Turf’s expert turf advisors to develop a powerful messaging statement to hang all marketing, brand and communications collateral on.

The messaging work was a foundation for Living Turf to propel its field sales and digital marketing. 

The results?

A clear framework to engage employees and customers in Living Turf’s message.

A plan to put customers at the heart of engagement in a future digital revamp and content strategy.

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