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Shaking up the tablet habit

Most mums-to-be have no idea their extra vitamin and nutrient needs can be satisfied by a tasty vanilla shake rather than a large, tasteless vitamin tablet made by a multinational pharmaceutical. 

When we put the power of possibility to work for MamaCare – a brand sourced and manufactured using Australian ingredients – we put our content and strategic communications smarts to work with the nutritional expertise of our sister agency Appetite Communications.

We dug deep into the science of pregnancy nutrition and discovered that obstetricians were now recommending women suffering pregnancy nausea and vomiting discontinue multivitamin tablets with high iron content, which may aggravate morning sickness. 

Instead, medicos were recommending mums-to-be continue supplementation of vital nutrients like folic acid and iodine but look to gentler forms of iron – like that contained in MamaCare – to ease their pregnancy nausea. Ginger and vitamin B6 supplementation can also help ease the sick-to-the-stomach feelings experienced during pregnancy.

These insights led us to revamp the MamaCare website and social channels, offering all the latest pregnancy nutrition news along with a few reassuring lifestyle stories to help mums-to-be feel supported and nourished on their pregnancy journey.

We had dietitian and new dad Joel Feren write a detailed report about pregnancy nutrition to circulate to pharmacists, who were keen to share updated nutrition recommendations with their customers.He also developed delicious new recipes to showcase how to bring MamaCare into your day in a chia seed pudding or smoothie bowl, along with tasty shake blends.

And did we mention the partnership we forged with The Parent Brand to trial and sample MamaCare to generate word-of-mouth about the power of a shake over a tablet? It helped us reach more than half the target market across social media and web.

And the results?

A 798% increase in traffic to the MamaCare website

More than 271,000 mums-to-be reached during the campaign

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