The Possibility Partnership launches to build boardroom buy-in


The Possibility Partnership, a new-model consulting firm and holding company, is launching today. The Possibility Partnership promises to support the marketing and communications industry and help build boardroom support to achieve greater respect, resources and impact for the discipline of strategic communications.

Founded by Ava Lawler, Tim Parker, Andy Bigham and Gabrielle Tourelle, the consulting firm unites senior strategic resources from across the advertising, digital, creative, HR, finance, public relations, marketing and communications fields with a methodology that solves both business and communication challenges.

The Possibility Partnership will liberate the potential of people, brands and businesses by offering business and communications consulting and coaching to CEOs, marketing teams and agency owners. And selected agencies will benefit from bespoke equity partnerships so they can turbo boost their business performance and enjoy a community of useful companionship – a supportive home even – to alleviate the loneliness and frustration that often accompanies agency leadership.

Tim Parker joins as Chairman, bringing over 30 years’ global experience from advertising and digital agencies, as well as being CEO of an ASX-listed technology company. Andy Bigham is arguably the most experienced agency finance director in Asia Pacific. Gabrielle Tourelle brings a unique combination of global HR, talent development, employee engagement and communications capabilities. And Ava Lawler, as CEO, brings the leadership capabilities that were recognised by Mumbrella when she was awarded PR Leader of the Year in both 2016 and 2017.

The firm’s first hire was Alex Brooks who brings a wealth of digital publishing experience to become The Possibility Partnership’s Head of Content.

“The marketing discipline has been weakened by shrinking resources, intensifying media complexity and broadening responsibilities,” said The Possibility Partnership Chairman, Tim Parker. “Burnout is rife and it’s dampening our creative spirit. This not only weakens executive influence but cripples our coaching capabilities and ability to support the next wave of great talent.”

“It’s time for a new approach,” Parker said. “Our industry needs leaders who can engage boardrooms and liberate the potential of people, profits and the planet. We need to negotiate more effectively for resources and respect so that we build real relationships between organisations and their stakeholders.”

The company’s first clients include: Brave Agencies, Filtered Media and Immunisation Coalition.

“Inspiring, smart, bold and authentic. The Possibility Partnership team help us see above and beyond the day-to-day of our business through the filter of their inestimable collective leadership experience within start-ups, mid-size, and global agency networks.  Their guidance has given us confidence to future-proof our business and take practical steps that impact positively on our people, clients and profits, ” said Heather Jones, Co-Founder and Chair, Filtered Media.

The Possibility Partnership is partnering with CEOs and in-house leaders to help them step more powerfully into their real reason for being. Agency leaders will be provided with business and leadership support they need so they can focus on client opportunity and team development. And The Possibility Partnership will enhance the performance of selected agency businesses by partnering with them to provide deep business, finance and people expertise.

“We have a wealth of deep finance, communications and creative expertise that can deliver real business outcomes through executive coaching and purpose-led frameworks that we know work,” said The Possibility Partnership CEO, Ava Lawler.

“It is a real honour to work with a team that are true experts in their fields. Our in-depth specialist expertise allows us to solve business challenges in a holistic and integrated manner that delivers to both profit and purpose,” Lawler said.

“We think a consultative and nimble partnership like ours can support industry growth, demonstrate the power of storytelling as force for good and also show that a people-centric approach builds both health and wealth.”

“The banking royal commission has shown us how far people have strayed from the path of purpose-led communications, and we will be part of a new business solution that delivers results and less complexity,” Lawler said.

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