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Appetite Communications has partnered with The Possibility Partnership to position itself for profitable growth. Here's what Appetite founder Andrea Mortensen has to say about her agency.

In one sentence, can you describe Appetite Communications?

We are an integrated communications agency with a vision to help people lead healthier lives through engaging food and health communications.

What does partnering with The Possibility Partnership unlock for Appetite Communications?

It will be a great support to access the experience that The Possibility Partnership can bring to our team. We want to brainstorm bigger and better ways to help people live healthier lives through good nutrition. We really want to ramp up our ability to drive sustainable change across the industry, and allow everyone to understand the best path for their own food and health journey.

What’s the story behind your name?

Appetite is about our passion, our enthusiasm and our hunger to do the best in client service, communications, delivery, and client experience. The name also went to the heart of our offer of outstanding health and nutrition communications.

What made you create Appetite Communications?

When I was working in marketing, I was searching for an agency like Appetite. I worked with PR agencies but no-one had a real specialty in food and nutrition. I saw the opportunity to offer a fully integrated service, one that truly understood the complex world of nutrition – how to communicate with impact, as well as satisfy stakeholder, policy and regulatory expectations.

What are the challenges around communicating about nutrition?

It’s an evolving science which can be frustrating and confusing, as recommendations tend to change. It was all about ‘low fat’ in the 1990s versus ‘healthy fats’ today. What I love about nutrition is that it’s an ongoing area of discovery. At Appetite, we’re constantly learning about the role of food, ingredients and nutrients on health and wellbeing, so we can keep our clients up-to-date with the current science, stakeholder thinking and evolving trends.

Trust is a key challenge in the nutrition space – there’s an avalanche of ‘nutrition noise’ and consumer confusion is at an all-time high. It’s hard to know who to believe, what dietary advice to follow and where individual foods and drinks fit into healthy eating. I think communications must be based on good science but translate in an engaging way to empower people to change. We need to think more like storytellers talking to real people, and less like scientists.

Describe your team and skills?

The beauty of our team is our diverse skill set with senior experience in different sectors – from health promotion, industry corporate affairs and health professional marketing and communications. What brings us together is our passion for delivering stand out projects.  

We also have a new graduate from nutrition or communications in the team because they bring a very fresh new way of thinking to the business and give a great window into the younger generation of stakeholders. It’s also our way of giving back, acting as mentors and helping create the next generation of strategic nutrition communicators.

What’s your professional background?

I’m a real hybrid, starting my university life in science and moving on to postgraduate studies in nutrition and dietetics. My first job was at a children’s hospital and then I moved into corporate nutrition marketing roles, with a long stint at Meat & Livestock Australia.

When I started working in a marketing role, I saw the potential for good by helping re-shape the food supply to be healthier and more nutritious while also empowering consumers to make better choices. I had to use the technical and scientific nutrition skills I had learned to influence and communicate, so I went back to university part-time and did a postgraduate degree in communications management.

Study is great, but I learnt my most by working with a great team of people – consumer insights, creative writers, designers, media planners, retail marketers – to deliver strategic, impactful and award-winning campaigns like ‘Red Meat. Feel Good’.

What makes nutrition such an interesting space to work in?

Discovery!  We’re just beginning to learn about the microbiome, or your gut health. So now we know there's trillions of microbes in our gut and what we eat changes the population in a healthier way or an unhealthier way. And that’s been linked to our brain health, our brain performance along with inflammatory processes and chronic conditions like obesity. It’s cutting edge science and elevates nutrition as an integral part of preventive health – ‘you really are what you eat’.

What really continues to excite me is the quandary in nutrition communication: it’s not what we know, but the ongoing challenge of how we tell it. My interest is how do we turn nutrition communication from rationale, worthy and often downright boring to the art of storytelling where we engage our audience and help them to make changes in a healthier direction.

What are your favourite campaigns to work on?

I love challenging projects where we work closely with our client team to develop a holistic campaign – creating the strategy based on relevant market insights, implementing and evaluating. The best time is coming together to review the results and gain insights and learnings and celebrate!

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