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messaging for marketing purposes

Making a message to market magic

Digitally focussed communications and marketing can be a fresh hell of complexity, hassles and problems. But there is a way to liberate businesses from that pain – a strong message to market.   Effective communications and

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Ten of the best purpose statements

If you’re about to spend time and money on a purpose initiative in your company, the first step is to undertake a critical review of your company purpose statement to ensure it’s a solid foundation

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brand voice

What’s the vibe of your brand voice?

A voice can be a powerful thing, especially when telling brand stories. Alex Brooks explains how to find the right tone and voice for content and copy. Voice is a copywriting concept more compelling than

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safety for dogs at easter

Work health and safety for Easter

Chocolate might be good, but it’s baaaad for me How cute is IKEA’s flat-packed Easter bunny? Don’t give it to me though. Chocolate of any kind has theobromine and methylxanthines which can cause vomiting and

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mental health at work

Mental wellbeing in the workplace

Dear friends have suffered. A lot. I have suffered some too. I’m talking about wild fluctuations of the mind and states of mental health in our working lives. At one end of the seesaw there

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mental health at work

Avoiding burnout in the era of workplace wellness

The Possibility Partnership’s people and culture partner Gabrielle Tourelle  recently attended the Workplace Wellness Summit. Here’s her key takeouts… This story was first published in B&T. The Workplace Wellness Summit offers dark statistics on the

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5 budget mistakes most agencies make

Setting solid financial goals for the financial year ahead is an important part of your business planning and strategy. Your financial budget should be an important foundation on which to base vital strategic decisions for

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Pets in workplaces

The pros of pets in the workplace

It might seem like an indulgence to pet owners, but having furry friends in the workplace is more than just a sop for animal lovers. It brings a sense of wellbeing and humanity to the

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Living Turf

Our work with Living Turf

Flourishing green spaces Relentless relevance for turf ecology expertise Concrete is taking over our cities. Urban heat islands are making life unpleasant in summer. What an opportune time to refine the message and marketing framework

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Mamacare client work with TPP

Nurturing the next generation of nurturers

Our work with MamaCare Shaking up the tablet habit Most mums-to-be have no idea their extra vitamin and nutrient needs can be satisfied by a tasty vanilla shake rather than a large, tasteless vitamin tablet

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