Making a message to market magic

messaging for marketing purposes

Digitally focussed communications and marketing can be a fresh hell of complexity, hassles and problems. But there is a way to liberate businesses from that pain – a strong message to market.  

Effective communications and marketing hinge on what your business wants to say. More importantly, strong businesses know why that message is relevant and interesting to key customers, audience or stakeholders. 

Messaging is more powerful than most realise

That’s why our Possibility Partnership message connection matrix is so important – it’s simple and it works. We look at the business needs, the audiences and the external trends that will make sure a simple message to market is elevated beyond a sales push to genuinely connect with people.

In the era of people streaming whatever they want to watch on the device of their choice, people won’t give up even five seconds of undivided attention without a message being relevant, offering value and ideally being tailored to their immediate or future needs.

Message To Market Venn Diagram
The Possibility Partnership message to market sweet spot

Marketing and advertising platforms and channels will always evolve and change over time,  but a compelling business message remains relevant, authentic and attractive to its key buyers, audiences or stakeholders. 

Kick it up a notch with purpose

Powerful messages that connect with audiences can be elevated when a message embraces a strong business purpose. 

Many people working in businesses have absolutely no idea how to articulate the ‘why’ of what they do … most can talk about how their business is different or what they make or produce, but very few know why their company is in business. 

Purpose can often take a bit of digging or facilitation to articulate, but once it happens, it can be the magic button that elevates a business offering.

Table of Plenty is a growing health food brand that defines its purpose beautifully on its website: it’s all about nourishing yourself for life with good food, blessings and sharing it with other people. 

Table of Plenty Our Story
Table of Plenty capture their purpose in their message

At the other end of the food spectrum, Hungry Jacks has elevated its convenient, tasty food positioning with the advent of delivery and new meat-free burgers to appeal to plant-based eating devotees.

Hungry Jacks always maintains the message of taste and flavour, particularly with their “Better Beef Guarantee” of no additives, preservatives or colourants.

Hungry Jacks Better Beef Guarantee

Better, tastier food is the overall message or promise, making sure every Hungry Jacks customer experiences are authentic, satisfying and convenient.

The most important thing a strong business message needs to be is engaging. Can it attract attention even when people have 4000 other tasks to complete? Find the right message. Align it with your purpose. Make it compelling. Make it simple. And get it out there.

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